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Photo restoration Melbourne, we are specialists in photo restorations and we love what we do, we take the utmost care with your photos and do our best to repair photos so that they a restored to their former glory. 

We restore all types of photos and enhance their quality. So whether they’re damaged by the sun, water, or ink, we can restore them to their former beauty — all you have to do is send us what you want to be restored.

Using a combination of innovative technologies and 15 + years of experience, we can bring back your faded photographs by restoring the colours, enhancing the details, and adding vibrancy amongst other photo restoration services like repairing scratches and rips, removing stains and other things like sticky tape.

We’re Future-Driven We’re always on the lookout for new technology that will help us restore your photographs better, faster, and more cost-effectively. Our cutting edge software and expertise can give you the best possible photo restorations. We strive to the best Photo restoration Melbourne specialists.

"We love restoring photos, and it shows in our work."
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Not Just Photos

We know that in this digital age, it can be hard to find a good video services company that can restore your old VHS tapes to DVD. That’s why we’re here. We do all sorts of old-school restoration jobs. We’ll help you convert them to DVD and if you want to convert them to any other digital format, we can do that too!

We also convert VHS-C, 8mm, Digital8 and so many more video formats to either DVD or any digital video format you like.

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Apart from photo restorations, we are also professional photographers, you can find out more about this here.

Photo Restoration Melbourne

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