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The video above is a speed edit of a colour worn photo with minor dust and scratch repairs needed. The hardest restore on this photo is to take the noise away and produce as much facial detail as possible.

The first step was to scan the photo, the photo was scanned at 600 dpi, RGB and as a jpeg. Once imported to photoshop I started off with the healing brush before I got into adjusting the levels to restore the colour.

Then the hard part begins or should I say the more time-consuming part. I first blur a layer to get the skin smooth and then paint it in, and I also do that again for the dark background.

Finally, I get the almost done photo and adjust it in camera raw before I export it as a final image.

Now you know what to do to restore these types of photos, but if you have these types of photos or any type of photos that need restoration and you do not want to do it yourself then you can contact us below and we will give you a free quote on your photo restorations.


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