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At photo restoration rescue, we are incredibly passionate about preserving and restoring photographs. We are an Australian-based company that specializes in photo restoration services. It brings me great joy to be able to help people bring new life to their cherished memories.

From the moment a customer contacts us, we strive to provide them with the best service possible. Our team of expert technicians are trained in the latest digital restoration techniques and uses state-of-the-art software to repair and enhance photographs. We offer a wide range of services, including colourization, retouching, scanning and printing, photo editing, and even photo manipulation. We also can help with custom projects such as creating a montage or a portrait from multiple photos.

One of the things that we take pride in is our commitment to customer service. We understand that photographs are precious memories, and we take great care to ensure they are handled with the utmost care and respect. We offer a variety of options for delivery and return of photographs, including mail, drop-off and pick-up, and even online delivery.

Another thing that we pride ourselves on is our competitive pricing. We offer fair prices for our services and even provide free estimates so customers know exactly what to expect before committing to any work. 

We are always thrilled to see the smiles on our customer’s faces when they receive their restored photographs back from us. The colours are vibrant, the damage is expertly repaired, and memories are brought back to life. It is truly a rewarding experience to be able to help people preserve their past for future generations.

In conclusion, If you’re looking for a high-quality photo restoration service, look no further than We use the latest technology and techniques, offer a wide range of services, and provide excellent customer service at a fair price.

So why wait? Contact us today to bring new life to your old photographs!

If you have photos to be retorted and are looking for photo restoration specialists, then look no further. Photo restoration rescue is here to restore your beautiful memories for future generations to see and love.

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