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After you have used our photo restoration service what do you do with the digitized and restored photos? In today’s digital age, we take more photos than ever before. From selfies to vacation snaps, our digital devices have made it easier than ever to capture our memories. However, with the vast number of digital photos we take, it can be challenging to keep them organised. In this post, we’ll explore the top five ways to organise your digital photos and ensure that your memories are stored safely and securely.

1. Use a dedicated photo management software

A dedicated photo management software can help you organise your digital photos efficiently. These programs typically have features such as face recognition, metadata editing, and photo tagging, making it easier to sort and find your photos quickly. 

Excire Foto is one of these photo organisers with all the bells and whistles.

2. Use a computer file management system.

Creating folders and subfolders on your computer is an easy and effective way to organise your digital photos. Start by creating a master folder and then organise your photos into subfolders by year, event, or location. This will make it easier to find specific photos quickly.

If you want help with doing that then Nero has software that will analyze your photos and then save them in subfolders for you. The software is Nero AI Photo Tagger.

3. Back up your photos

Once organised a great habit to have is to back up your photos. Backing up your photos regularly is crucial to ensure that you don’t lose your precious memories in case of a computer crash or other unexpected events. Consider backing up your photos to an external hard drive or cloud storage service like OneDrive.

4. Make new printed albums

Consider printing some of your favourite photos. A physical photo album can be a great way to display your memories, and it’s something that you and your loved ones can enjoy together. You can also create personalised photo books, canvases or prints to decorate your home. If you do not want to print you can always get yourself a digital photo frame and load all your photos on that and you will be able to view them as a slideshow.

5. Use a cloud storage/organiser/viewer 

If you want your photos to be available with you on the go then you can use cloud software like Amazon photos, Google photos or Apple photos. Most of these kinds of services will give your free storage for up to a certain amount then paid after that.

Here is some info on Amazon photos from their website.

Prime members get unlimited, full-resolution photo storage and 5 GB for video storage. Even if you’re not a Prime member, as an Amazon customer you get 5 GB of combined photo and video storage. Storage plans start at $1.99/month.

However, you store and organise your photos the most important of all is to back up your photos. If you don’t and you lose these photos due to hardware failure or accidental deletion or you need a Photo Restoration Service, you can contact us and we may be able to help recover all your photos and other files.

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