Speed Photo Restoration

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Photo Restoration speed Photo Restoration The video above is a speed photo restoration edit of a photo with dust and scratches. This photo was acquired from the web; it is small in resolution, so we need to restore it and also enhance/upscale this photo. This kind of edit requires experience with numerous software like Photoshop and Photoshop plugins and/or tools like Denoise, Resize, Sharpen, Curves, Toning, Dust & Scratch Removal, etc., to get the very best results. To get the best photo restoration results, we need to resolve the following problems. 1) Dust on the photos 2) Rips and scratches 3) Lines going through the photo Once that is all done then, we resize the canvas to 4000px; once the resizing is done, we then proceed to enhance the details in the photo by using sharpening techniques and denoising techniques. Steps were taken after the photo restoration 1) Enhance the photo to fine-tune the details 2) Boost the contrast and brightness levels to enhance the details 3) Add sepia colour back to the photo and finalise the photo restoration. Slide

Speed Edit Photo Restoration

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The video above is a speed edit of a colour worn photo with minor dust and scratch repairs needed. The hardest restore on this photo is to take the noise away and produce as much facial detail as possible. The first step was to scan

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